Other Ways To Use Marinade: A Brief Guide

It’s no secret that Allegro Marinades are great for tenderizing and flavoring meats, but did you know that marinade can be used in other ways too? Whether you’re trying to use that last bit in the bottle or just want some fresh, creative meal ideas, here are a few easy ways to use our marinades other than traditional marinating!


Don’t have time to marinade your meats prior to cooking? A great alternative is post-marinading! Allow your meat to rest in marinade after cooking for around 5 to 10 minutes. Some experts recommend reheating the meat on the grill for a few minutes before serving. Post-marinading is a great way to add additional flavor to your meal!

Basting liquid

Another excellent use for marinade is as a basting liquid. Simply use a pastry or basting brush to apply the marinade to whatever meat you are cooking during the cooking process, whether that’s on the grill, in the oven, or in a pan on the stovetop. An important note: Don’t use the same marinade you soaked your meat in prior to cooking. This liquid can contain all kinds of harmful bacteria. It’s best practice to save half the bottle of marinade for basting purposes later or use two different bottles if you’re cooking a larger cut of meat. You could also cook the used marinade to kill off harmful bacteria and reduce the marinade to a thicker sauce, intensifying the flavor of the marinade. Do this by bringing the liquid to a boil for at least five minutes.


By cooking the marinade down through boiling, you can also make a tasty sauce. Some marinades that possess a thicker consistency, such as Tennessee Whiskey may stand to be used as a sauce on their own without any cooking necessary. Some Allegro fans have noted that Tennessee Whiskey Marinade makes a delicious dipping sauce! We think it would make a delicious addition drizzled on top of a sandwich. Cream cheese served with your favorite cracker makes a wonderful, flavorful appetizer the whole family will enjoy snacking on! Teriyaki can be condensed into a sauce that’s perfect for your Asian meals or tossed on wings.

Seasoning for other foods

Marinades can also be used to season and add flavor to other meals. Add a small amount to soups, stews, veggie dishes, mashed potatoes, and other side items to give them a little extra burst of flavor! You can even add a splash of marinade to add some depth to your favorite Bloody Mary recipe! We suggest only using a small amount and tasting as you go: adding too much can cause your food to become too salty and the flavors can become overpowering. Using the right amount can take your cooking to the next level and help you use up that spare bottle you’ve been hanging on to!