Allegro makes GAME DAY taste better!

Allegro Spicy BBQ Tennessee style sauce

Football season is starting, and we couldn’t be more excited.   The right food, set up, crowd and win will make tailgating this fall extra fun.    We have compiled a few tailgating tips to help you make your tailgate taste better and bring people together: 

Tailgating tip #1: Keep it cold! 

Instead of using ice inside your cooler, freeze about 6 water bottles.   This not only makes finding things in your cooler easier, but when the ice melts you will have some water to drink as you pack up after the tailgating fun!

Tailgating tip #2: Pack the essentials

Keep a toolbox packed and in your vehicle:

  • wet wipes
  • paper towels
  • trash bags
  • condiments
  • bottle opener
  • skewers
  • toothpicks

Make sure you also have jumper cables; in case someone’s car dies from people getting in and out of it!

Tailgating tip #3: Bring an extra chair or two

It’s inevitable that at least one of your friends forgets their camp chair.    Always pack a few extra chairs for your friends.   You never know who will stop by, especially if you’re grillin!

Tailgating tip #4: Grill and Grill tools

A portable grill is perfect for tailgating.  Make sure to bring your grilling tools, including spatula, grill tongs, aluminum foil and hot pads to handle that food on the grill.   Don’t forget propane, charcoal, lighter fluid and lighters!  Having the right tools for the grill is essential!

Tailgating tip #5: Make Amazing Food

Half the fun of tailgating (we’d say more than half) is the food, check out our recipe section for some easy recipes to make your tailgate taste better with Allegro!