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Frequently Asked Questions

Order Info

Shipping time will vary based on your selections at check out.

We currently do not distribute our products outside of the U.S.

Product and Ingredient Info

Nutrition and ingredient information is located on the label of the bottle as well as each individual product page on our website. 

Yes, we recommend that opened bottles containing unused product be refrigerated.

Best practice is to use opened marinades within 60 days of opening the bottle.

BBQ sauces should be used within 90 days of opening and should be refrigerated.

BBQ sauces have a shelf life of two years. All other marinades and Brisket & Fajita Sauce have a shelf life of three years.

The best by/expiration date can be found on the shoulder of the bottle just above the label.

Since marinade is typically used on raw meat, we do not advise to reuse our product.

Some products may have a different name or label than previous versions. We occasionally make changes to the formula to make sure you get the best quality marinade! You can search for store locations near you that carry specific products via the Find In Stores tab on our website.

Products available for purchase are listed under Our Products

Yes, all of our products are certified by the Orthodox Union (OU).

Yes, all of our products are certified by the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO). The soy sauce used as an ingredient in our products is gluten free.

Yes, our Tennessee Whiskey sauce is made using a whiskey that is made from bio-engineered corn.

  • Allegro products do not contain nuts in any of the formulas.
  • We carry no sesame, peanut or tree nut ingredients in our inventory.
  • Allegro has strict allergen procedures to control for cross-contamination and we are audited to stringent standards in this area.
  • Allegro very carefully selects vendors that will comply to the same food safety and quality standards as we do to ensure that cross-contamination will not occur in the manufacturing of the ingredients that we purchase.


If interested in forming a wholesale relationship with Allegro Marinade, please send an email with identifying information to allegromarinades@gmail.com

If you wish to become a brand ambassador for Allegro Marinade on social media, send an email to allegro1595@gmail.com to receive an interest form and information packet about our program.

If you want to become apart of the Allegro team, please email your resume to allegromarinades@gmail.com.

If you’d like to request a donation, please send an email to allegro1595@gmail.com and include whether you’re requesting a monetary donation or donated product, what cause or organization you’re requesting the donation for, and what date you need to receive the donation by.

Contact Us

If you made a purchase on our website, send an email to ecommerce@allegromarinade.com with information about your issue. Any in store purchase issues can be reported to allegromarinades@gmail.com with information about the issue.

For media inquiries and partnership opportunities, please contact allegro1595@gmail.com.

Submit your question via the form located on the Contact Us tab of our website.

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