Using Marinated Meats in Soups and Stews

Marinated meats in soups and stews

Nothing warms up dreary, cold winter days like a bowl of hot soup. Comfort foods can be a great way to create coziness and contentment within your home during the winter season. Using marinated meats is a great way to bring new, enriched flavor to your favorite soups and stews. Marinating meat prior to making your soup is a great way to add a depth of flavor while also tenderizing often lower quality stew meat.

Here are 10 recipe ideas to try using some of our favorite products!

Hot & Spicy Gumbo

With spices and seasonings drawn from Cajun roots, our Hot & Spicy marinade is the perfect ingredient to add an extra kick of spice to your gumbo! Marinate your chicken in Hot & Spicy marinade for 4 to 24 hours in the refrigerator before cooking, shredding, and adding to your gumbo. Add a splash to your soup during cooking for an extra kick!

Hickory Smoke Chili

Want that rich, smokey taste without the extra labor and time it takes to smoke meats? The undeniably delicious taste of roasted meat over hickory wood chips adds incredible, flavor to your chili. Marinate your ground beef or sausage for 30 minutes to an hour in the refrigerator before browning.

Original Loaded Potato Soup

The unique flavor of our Original marinade was specifically created by Dave and Betsy Wilcox to infuse flavor into every meal. Add 2 tablespoons to your loaded potato soup while cooking to enhance the natural flavor of the potatoes. Be sure to season to taste after fully incorporating the marinade. Another creative way to add flavor to your loaded potato soup is to marinade bacon in Original marinade for 30 minutes to an hour before pan frying.

Tennessee Whiskey Beef Veggie Stew

The smooth, full bodied taste of Tennessee Whiskey enhanced by our special blend of herbs and spices is the perfect complement to your beef and veggie stew. Start by marinating a roast in Tennessee Whiskey marinade overnight or marinating beef stew meat for an hour. Cook meat as usual and add to your vegetable stew for an extra tasty flair.

Black Pepper Chicken Noodle Soup

Add bold flavor without the heat to bring extra flavor to an old favorite. Marinate chicken breasts for 4 to 24 hours in Black Pepper marinade, and then cook as usual to add a well-rounded flavor to a homemade comfort food classic.

Game Tame Duck Stew

Another great way to add new recipes to your rotation is to try game meats including duck, rabbit, and deer meet. Allegro’s Game Tame is the preferred choice of hunters for adding flavor and tenderizing their game meat. Marinate for two hours to overnight depending on the toughness and cut of the meat.

Soy & Lime Seafood Chowder

Soy & Lime is the perfect marinade for adding flavor to seafood, as notes of citrus and herb tame the fishy flavor. Marinate your choice of seafood for an hour before cooking to add extra flavor to your chowder!