Open Faced Pulled Pork Sandwich|Allegro Marinade

Open Faced Pulled Pork Sandwich: with Southwestern Slaw and Mexican Cornbread 

Blackpepper pulled pork cornbread waffle

Black Pepper

Renowned Marinades
Time: Marinate for at least 4 hours. 
Serving Size:

Southwestern Slaw 

5 oz. Angel Hair Coleslaw (comes in a 10 oz. bag) 

1 Cup of Shredded Red Cabbage  

½ Cup of Matchstick Carrots  

1 Sliced Green Onion  

½ Red Bell Pepper, Thinly Sliced 

¼ Cup Fire Roasted Can Corn  

½ Chipotle Ranch  

1 tbsp. Mayonnaise 

Splash Apple Cider Vinegar 


Mexican Cornbread  

½ Cup of Self-Rising Cornmeal Mix   

¼ Cup of All Purpose Flour  

1 tbsp. of Baking Powder 

1/3 Cup of Whole Milk  

¼ tsp. of Salt  

1 Large Egg  

2 tbsp. + 2 tsp. of Vegetable Oil  

¼ Cup of Onion, Medium, Chopped  

7 oz. of Creamed Corn  

2 tsp. of Jalapenos  

2 tbsp. of Granulated Sugar  

2 oz. of Green Chilis 

½ Cup of Cheddar and Monterey Blend Cheese  

Pulled Pork  

3-5 lbs. Pulled Pork (Boston Butt) 

1 Bottle of Allegro Black Pepper Marinade

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