It’s Hunting Season! Marinating Your Game for the Perfect Prize

Hunting Season Game Tame Marinade

It’s hunting season, which means your meat needs to be marinated for lasting flavor. Whether you’re making jerky or serving venison as the entree, we’ve got some recipes that will turn your meat into a tasty treat.

Just like the hunt, it takes time for your game to soak in the marinade and absorb flavor.  To get the most out of your meat, use different marinades for different parts of the game to get the richest flavors profiles.  Browse through these recipes to get some ideas on how to turn the prize of your hunt into dinner.

Sheriff venison steak

Sheriff’s Game Tamed Venison Steaks is the perfect entree during hunting season.  To make this meal, marinate the steaks in a shallow pan or plastic bag in the Allegro Game Tame Marinade for five to eight hours or longer under refrigeration. Before you throw them on the grill, drain the steaks. Once marinated, grill the venison over charcoal or broil in the oven to your desired doneness, brushing them with Allegro Game Tame Marinade.  For four venison steaks, use a half-cup of Allegro Game Tame Marinade. 

Hunting is a year-round sport and it brings in some of the best meats.  Check out this roasted duck recipe using Allegro’s Original Marinade.  Using two wild ducks, each about one pound, take two tablespoons of butter, unsalted, one teaspoon of paprika, ½ teaspoon of salt, ¼ teaspoon of Tabasco sauce, one pound of sliced bacon, some wild rice, and a bottle of Allegro Original Marinade.

Place the ducks in Allegro Original Marinade for three to four hours.  Remove and rub the duck with the butter, salt, and Tabasco sauce.  Then wrap in cheesecloth.  Place the ducks, breast side down, on the rack in a greased shallow pan.  Roast at 325 degrees for one hour, basting occasionally.  Then, turn and roast for another half-hour to one hour longer.  Remove the cheesecloth, cover each duck with bacon slices, and roast until it’s tender.  Serve with wild rice.

Have you ever just craved a huge, flavorful burger?  Use the venison in the fridge and make a flavor-filled, massive burger with all the right fixings!  Here’s a recipe for KC’s Venison Burgers.  Grab one pound or more of ground venison and ¼ cup of Allegro Game Tame Marinade.  If the venison was frozen, allow the meat to completely thaw.  Pour off the liquid.  Then, add the marinade and work it into the meat.  Pat the venison into ¼-pound burgers.  Grill, broil, or fry your burger as you would a regular beef burger.

These recipes turn your hunt into a gourmet meal.  Enjoy the hunt, eat the prize.