4 things to remember this Memorial Day Weekend

Celebrating memorial day grilling

Prep your grill.

As the unofficial kick-off to grilling season, Memorial Day is the time to buy gas or charcoal for your grill.  Many places will have good deals, so this is a great time to stock up on grilling fuel for summer.  If you haven’t already, give your grill a thorough cleaning.  Springtime is grill maintenance time.  Whether your grills have been in use all winter, or are just now coming out of hibernation, make sure everything is in tip-top shape for the season. Investing an hour or so of deep cleaning will improve the taste and quality of your grilling all summer long.

Stay safe.

While preparing meals and grilling out, be sure to exercise proper cooking safety practices. 25% more home-cooking fires happen on Memorial Day than average. Be diligent when preparing food, using appliances, and applying heat. Car safety is also especially important since 43,300 injuries occur from car accidents each Memorial Day weekend. 380 fatalities occur from car accidents over Memorial Day weekend on average each year, and 148 of these lives could have been saved if the individual wore his or her seatbelt. If you choose to drink alcohol, be sure to arrange a designated driver or other transportation. 36% of all traffic fatalities that occur over Memorial Day weekend are alcohol related.

Make twists on old traditions.

60% of Americans plan to barbecue over Memorial Day weekend, making it the second most popular weekend for grilling behind the Fourth of July. $1.5 billion in revenue is generated in meat and seafood sales during Memorial Day Weekend. Even though our nation is still practicing social distancing, keep your grilling traditions alive through hosting a virtual Memorial Day party. Participating in running races is another popular Memorial Day tradition for many. Over 120 running races are held annually for Memorial Day. If you’re someone who typically runs in a race this weekend, consider taking a run around your neighborhood or competing in a virtual race.

Remember the fallen.

3:00 PM is the National Moment of Remembrance as designated by Congress in 2000.

45 million veterans have served the United States during wartime, and 15 million of these individuals are projected to still be living as of 2019. A total of 656,000 members of the military have lost their lives in combat. 260,00 graves at Arlington National Cemetery are adorned with American flags each Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is more than just a day off from work or school, an excuse for a backyard barbeque or a chance to travel. Above all else, Memorial Day is a day set aside to remember and pay tribute to Americans who have died in service to their country. Remember the real reason for the day.  While we at Allegro think it’s always a great time to grill out, don’t forget to honor the fallen with a moment of silence, a prayer, or a toast to their sacrifice.

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