The Do’s and Don’ts of BBQ

The Do’s and Don’ts of BBQ

Cooking delicious BBQ is an art. BBQ can be one of the most delicious meals when cooked properly! It is important to understand best practices before jumping in, so we created a quick overview to help you master the grill.

The BBQ Do’s

Do use room-temperature meat.

Cooking meat at room temperature allows for even cooking all around. When prepping, take your meat out of the fridge roughly 20 minutes before cooking. This allows the meat to come to room temperature before it hits the grill.

Do apply oil to the grill. 

Oiling your grill beforehand can help you avoid sticking your meat to the grill. Nobody wants to lose meat on the grill gate; oil solves all your meat-sticking problems.

Do apply marinade when the meat is on the grill.

Applying marinade during the cooking process can allow for the marinade to cook into the meat and add heaps of flavor. However, it is important not to add the marinade when the meat is first on the grill due to the possibility of it burning. It is best to apply extra marinade when your meat is in the final stages of cooking.

The BBQ Don’ts

Don’t rush cooking time.

Cooking delicious BBQ is an art; the time it takes is an investment in your tastebuds. Refrain from rushing your BBQ cooking time to give your meat a more even cook and a richer taste of smokiness and flavor.

Don’t mix raw food and cooked food.

Raw meat can contain bacteria and harmful toxins when consumed. Keeping your raw and cooked meat separate will ensure your meat can be consumed without contamination.

Don’t cut open meat to see if it is cooked.

It can be tempting to cut open your meat to see how far along it is in the cooking process. Although this may give you an idea of how well done your BBQ is, cutting open your meat lets air in, and juices get out, which makes for less flavorful and dry.

Don’t poke at the meat.

Many Don’ts of BBQ concern losing flavor, texture, and taste. Poking and prodding at your meat when it’s cooking will make it lose all three. It is important to let your BBQ be in order to keep in the juices.

You can’t go wrong with BBQ especially as the weather warms up. You can create a special meal for your next weeknight dinner or holidays gathering by following these simple steps. 

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