Our Facility: How Allegro Prioritizes Your Health and Safety

Our Facility: How Allegro Prioritizes Your Health and Safety - Allegro Marinade

As an established brand with a growing national presence, Allegro has three main priorities: people, the planet, and profit – in that order. Founded in 1977 by Dave and Betsy Wilcox, Allegro was built on a foundation of community, hard work, and innovation. They prized people over profits and quality over quantity. We’re proud to follow in their footsteps. 

Since the establishment of the Betsy Ross Foundation in 1992, Allegro has made significant contributions to everything from the conservation of the wetlands to disaster relief and recovery to education opportunities. 

In addition to our belief in the importance of bettering the world, we believe that you deserve quality taste with everything you love. That’s why we ensure that our facility meets the highest standards so that you can safely enjoy our products that Make Life Taste Better.


Our Products are Kosher Certified

We put our best into every bottle of Allegro. Our ingredients, facility, and production are all Kosher Certified, resulting in wholesome products that add flavor and richness to every meal.


Gluten-Free Certified Organization (GFCO)

All Allegro products are Certified Gluten-Free, so you can rest assured that everyone around the table will enjoy their meal. We are eager to meet the needs of your health and your taste buds.


Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)

You can always have confidence that our products are made with the highest standards under the Global Food Safety Initiative. We are dedicated to completing our annual audits, such as the Safe Quality Food Audit, which verifies that Allegro instills a culture of world-class food safety practices.


Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI)

At Allegro, we value ethics and integrity in our relationships with all of our stakeholders. We are especially committed to promoting positive working conditions and practices, and we want to work with responsible providers who share our values.

This commitment is demonstrated through our implementation of the principles of the ETI, which is an alliance of companies, trade unions, and NGOs that work diligently to improve and promote respect for workers’ rights around the globe.  

There are many more ways that Allegro prioritizes your health and safety, such as strict allergan procedures, carefully selected vendors, and clear communication with our customers.

To find out more about our facility and products, please visit our FAQ page.