Mix up your grilling technique with these 8 grilling methods!

8 grilling technique like a pro

Direct grilling

Direct heat grilling is the most basic and common grilling method. It is best for smaller cuts of meat that cook quickly. In this method, meat is placed directly over the heat source, and cooks quickly over high temperatures. Direct grilling produces meat with a slightly charred, seared exterior and a more moist interior.

Indirect grilling

When grilling with indirect heat, use a foil drip pan to reflect and redirect heat so that it rises and cooks the food slowly and evenly. In order to keep the temperature even throughout the grill, keep the lid closed for the duration of cooking, or as much as possible. This grilling method is best for large pieces of meat, like whole chickens, whole turkeys, and roasts.  The slow cooking over lower temperatures helps these foods retain their moisture.

Spit roasting or rotisserie

Rotisserie is a method of cooking which involves slowly rotating meat over an indirect heat source using a motorized turn spit or a rotating skewer. The rotating motion keeps the juices within the meat, leaving a moist and tender product with a crispy skin. This method is a great way to cook whole turkeys, whole chickens, ribs, roast, and other large cuts of meat.

Two zone grilling method

With two zone grilling, you’ll want to divide the grilling surface into two zones: high heat and low heat. In order to achieve this, the half of the grill that will be a higher temperature will need to be over direct heat, and the lower temperature zone will be exposed to indirect heat. This allows foods on the high heat side (direct) to cook fast and sear nicely while other foods cook low and slow over low heat (indirect). 2-zone grilling gives you options and control while cooking your meal.

Grill smoking

Smoking can be done on either charcoal or gas grills. In order to smoke meats on your grill, add food grade wood chips of any flavor to the heat source. The meat should be placed somewhere on the grill that it can cook with indirect heat. Close the lid to your grill, but check back periodically. If the smoke begins to dissipate, add more wood chips to your grill. This low temperature, slow cooking method is great for a tender meat with a nice smoky flavor.

Plank grilling

Plank grilling is a method which uses a wood plank to rest food on during grilling. As the plank and meat cook, the wood will smolder and smoke, which infuses the food resting on it with a nice smoky, wood flavor. Planks for grilling can often be found at grocery stores, butcher shops, specialty grilling stores, and online retailers.

Texas crutch

When cooking a brisket, try the Texas Crutch. This is a method made popular through the barbecue competition circuit that involves wrapping meat during the smoking process in order to cut down on cooking time. Begin by cooking your brisket as normal. When the internal temperature of your meat reaches 165 degrees F, remove from the heat source and wrap tightly using heavy duty 18” foil. The foil keeps the juices from escaping the meat, leaving your finished product moist and tender.

Foil packets

Foil packets are a great way to cook a full meal quickly, easily, and with very little cleanup. Using a long sheet of foil folded in half, place all meat, vegetables, sauces, and seasonings in the center. Pull the foil over the ingredients and fold the edges to seal the packet. Be careful not to seal the packet too tightly. The packet needs to have some room for the steam to expand and cook the food evenly. Use vegetables that release lots of moisture like mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, zucchini, and summer squash.