How to Use Leftover BBQ – 6 Ideas for Your Next Meal

Don’t let that extra BBQ go to waste! There are so many ways to use leftover BBQ, but we’ve listed 6 of our favorites! Whether its pork, poultry, or beef, these recipes will make you glad that you didn’t throw out your extra BBQ!

1. BBQ Pizza

Whether it’s frozen, leftover, or homemade, adding your leftover BBQ will transform an average pizza to a flavorful meal! Add a generous amount of Allegro BBQ Sauce to the pizza to really increase the deliciousness.

2. BBQ Loaded Baked Potato

Loaded baked potatoes are an easy and tasty meal! You can add your BBQ leftovers along with your favorite condiments, such as cheese, sour cream, and BBQ sauce!

3. BBQ Nachos

Similar to the BBQ Loaded Potatoes, BBQ Nachos is super simple to make and makes for a perfect snack! 

4. BBQ Grilled Cheese

Everyone loves grilled cheese, right?! Sneak in some protein to this favorite sandwich by adding your leftover BBQ. 

5. BBQ Mac and Cheese

Don’t have enough leftover BBQ to add it to another main entrée? No worries! You can use it in a side of mac and cheese to create an amazing combination.

6. BBQ Chili

The smokiness from the BBQ pairs perfectly with a bowl of chili. To increase the smoky flavor, add some of our Hickory Smoke Marinade!