How Much Marinade Should You Use?

How Much Marinade Should You Actually Use? - Allegro Marinade

Marinades – the magical elixirs that transform tough cuts into melt-in-your-mouth masterpieces. But amidst the excitement of flavor combinations and tantalizing possibilities, a crucial question arises: How much marinade should you actually use?

Fear not, fellow marinade adventurers! This post will be your guiding light, navigating you through the murky waters of marinade volume and ensuring your culinary creations reach their full potential.

Several factors influence the ideal marinade amount:

  • Surface Size: Marinades do not soak into the whole cut of the meat or other foods; it only affects the surface of the food. To ensure even flavor penetration and tenderization, make sure that you use enough marinade to completely cover the food. 
  • Desired Level of Flavor: If you only want a hint of the marinade’s flavor, you can use a small amount, such as 1 tbsp. If you want to maximize the flavor, consider making small cuts along the surface of the food to allow the marinade to penetrate further. 
  • To Baste or Not to Baste: If you plan to baste the food with marinade, you will need to reserve some of it rather than using it to marinate the meat. Raw meat bacteria can linger, so do not reuse the marinade that was exposed to raw meat. Instead, use the portion that you reserved to baste the food once it’s been cooked.  

Beyond the Ratio:

Here are some handy tips for marinade mastery:

  • Use a shallow dish: This ensures maximum surface area contact between the food and the marinade.
  • Flip it regularly: If you cannot completely submerge the food in the marinade, turn the meat every few hours to ensure even flavor distribution.
  • Save any unused marinade: The leftover marinade can be saved to use for your next meal! Be sure to keep any open bottles of unused marinade refrigerated. 

Remember, the beauty of marinades lies in experimentation! Don’t be afraid to adjust the amount based on your personal preferences and recipe specifics. And most importantly, have fun exploring the wonderful world of flavor fusion!