How To Cook With Teriyaki Marinade

Beef teriyaki. Chicken teriyaki. Pork teriyaki. Yes please!

Meat not your style? How about minced garlic, onion powder, sesame oil, brown sugar, fresh ginger, or green onions?
Feeling hungry yet? Us, too!

Our teriyaki marinade is so delicious you’ll be tempted to drink the leftover sauce— if there is any, that is! This is one of our favorite that gets 5 stars from people all across the US. Thanks to our loyal fans and their reader interactions, we’ve seen our homemade teriyaki marinade used as a stir fry sauce!

Did you know that teriyaki marinade is not the same as teriyaki sauce?

I know, right?! Who would have thought? (Other than all you cooking pros I can see shaking your heads right now, that is!) But it’s an important distinction to make, and one that many home cooks and beginner chefs aren’t always aware of.

Teriyaki Marinade: A Classic Flavor Combo

While there are differences in how they’re used, the flavor itself remains the same delicious ginger, garlic, umami taste that enhances your meal. Plus, both teriyaki sauce and teriyaki marinade give the rich teriyaki taste you love and have come to expect— it’s not as though you have to choose one to be loyal to forever when both are great options!

With both having the same great taste, that’s why if you haven’t cooked with teriyaki sauce or teriyaki marinade before and have simply enjoyed it at a restaurant or a friend or family member’s house, you may not realize the difference.

What is that difference? Well, it’s all about how each is used to flavor the meat during cooking.

Teriyaki Marinade Recipes

Teriyaki sauce is usually added to the meat (or meat substitute) while it’s being cooked on a grill or a wok. It’s also often used as a dipping sauce or condiment for pork tenderloin, chicken thighs, chicken breasts, flank steak, or, of course, your meat substitutes of choice.

Meanwhile, teriyaki marinade is used to, well, marinate! This means soaking the meat, fish, or other food you’re using in the delicious teriyaki liquid so the food absorbs the flavor.

The marinating process is very simple, making it a great option for weeknight dinners. Once your marinade is ready to go, the only real step is to add your meat, and the marinade does the work for you!

It couldn’t be simpler, our blend of soy, Asian spices and savory Polynesian flavor is wonderful on everything from chicken to pork, and even if it’s just veggies. It’s a sweet, sour, spicy marinade that doesn’t take long to make a big difference in your meal.

Marinating time will depend on the recipe and meat that you use. You may choose to marinade your food overnight in the fridge, or it may only need a short length of time to work its magic. Suggested marinating times can differ greatly thanks to individual preferences as well as recipes.

Generally, two hours is enough time for the meat to soak up the teriyaki marinade, but it all depends on what you’re marinating. If you don’t let it marinate for long enough it may not absorb enough flavor, but if you let it marinate too long, the meat can become so soft that it’s soggy. A perfect balance is key, and practice is the way to get there!

Whether you leave your meat to marinate for a few hours or a day, ensure you always leave it to marinate in the fridge to reduce bacterial growth and reduce any risk of food borne illnesses.

Teriyaki Marinade Recipes: Perfect For Any Meat

When it comes time to cook your chicken breasts or thighs, flank steak, pork tenderloin, meat substitutes, or whatever you choose to marinate, your food will come out with a delicious flavor. But that’s not the only benefit of this delicious marinade!

As well as absorbing the flavor, marinating meat or meat substitutes makes it softer and gives it that great mouth feel. It prevents meat from drying out, which makes it easier to chew. Plus, it tenderizes meat such as chicken and makes it juicier, and it even helps to reduce cooking time!

Why is a lower cook time such a win in the kitchen? Two reasons. Firstly, the longer you cook chicken, the drier it becomes, so any way to cook chicken perfectly and safely sounds great to us. Secondly, we’re busy enough as it is these days, we don’t need anything else adding to our prep time or cook time!

Try Our Teriyaki Marinade Today!

With this many benefits, plus the fact that it’s so tasty, we can’t think of any good reason not to use our delicious teriyaki marinade that we’ve seen called the “best teriyaki” some have ever tried.