Allegro Strong: Employee appreciation week at Allegro Marinade!

With the current pandemic, life at Allegro has been bustling. As an essential business, our team has gone above and beyond to meet the new demand and have worked tirelessly to do their part to keep the food chain strong.  Allegro employees have exceeded expectations by volunteering to work extra hours, showing up on days off, and putting in extra effort while the rest of the nation was shut down. We at Allegro took this past week to show our employees our gratitude and appreciation for their dedication to our customers and mission day in and day out.

“We wanted to thank our people for the great work they do all year. Our people make us what we are.” said Thomas Harrison, VP of Operations. “We felt that celebrating in this way would be a fun way of saying thank you and acknowledging the dedication to keeping the bottles rolling at Allegro.”

Monday, we kicked the week off with breakfast for our team. Sausage biscuits were a great start to the work week. On Tuesday afternoon, the team beat the Tennessee summer heat with snow cones from Rollin’ Snow, a local small business here in our hometown of Paris. With over 40 flavors to choose from, everyone was able to find a cold, sweet treat on their afternoon breaks! Wednesday, we handed out new t shirts to the team and treated everyone to a candy break. We wrapped up the workweek Thursday with a BBQ lunch from Perry’s BBQ, another local, small business.

Founded in 1977 by Dave and Betsy Wilcox, Allegro has built its brand around good food and good community. Allegro has a passion for good food and its ability to bring people together, because we believe that we need food to survive, but we need good food to thrive. We also believe that truly good food is meant for more than just sustenance, it’s meant to build community. Dave and Betsy built Allegro on a foundation of community, hard work and innovation. They prized people over profits and quality over quantity. We’re proud to follow in their footsteps. Allegro wouldn’t be able to provide a great product without great people to support our mission of making life taste better.