5 Great Grilling Gift Ideas for Dad this Father’s Day

5 Great Grilling Gift Ideas for Dad this Father’s Day - Allegro Marinade

Father’s Day is coming up June 19th, which means it’s time to start scrambling to find that perfect gift. Dad can be a tough person to buy for, so Allegro compiled a list of ideas to help you out! Here are five ideas to get the grill-loving fathers in your life:

Sous Vide

Sous vide, meaning “under vacuum,” in French, is a cooking method recently popularized amongst consumers, but used by high end restaurants for years. The cooking process provides perfectly cooked, tender meat. This process involves vacuum sealing meat in a bag and then cooking it to your desired doneness in a water bath. The tools to learn how to use this new cooking method would be a great gift idea for any meat-loving dad. These items include:

  • A sous vide precision cooking device
  • Packaging for your food, like resealable bags or canning jars
  • A container to hold the water

Grilling Tools

Get Dad some fun new grilling tools just in time for the peak of this year’s summer grilling season. Tools are the perfect way to amp up your grilling game, and can be a fun, creative gift that the father you’re buying for may not have even known he needed! A few ideas include:

  • Steak Brand
  • Custom Cutting Board
  • Grilling Prep Trays
  • Digital Meat Thermometer
  • Firestarter

Marinades and Sauces

Our line of 11 renowned marinades and 4 distinctive sauces are the perfect Father’s Day gift to add more flavor to your meals. Our products can be used to marinade meats and vegetables prior to cooking, to baste during cooking, or as a finishing or dipping sauce. Allegro marinades add flavor, tenderize your meats, and are the perfect way to mix things up in the kitchen! Can’t find our products in store? Check out our Amazon page and have a case of your dad’s favorite marinade shipped straight to your door!

Meat Delivery Service

Signing up the dads in your life for a meat delivery subscription service is a great idea for a gift that offers a convenient way to get great quality beef, pork, chicken, and even seafood. With the pandemic causing a shortage of meat in local grocery stores due to breakdowns in shipping and distribution, switching to meat subscription services is a better option now more than ever as it bypasses both of those issues and gives you access to great quality meat delivered directly to your doorstep! Here’s a list from Food and Wine of meat delivery subscription services for every palate and budget.

Grilling Pellets

Wood grilling pellets are a great way to add flavor to your smoked and grilled meats. They’re available in a wide variety of flavors to suit different meats, from mesquite to pecan to apple.